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Other General Services


At Reinecker Dental Group, we understand that dental needs vary widely among individuals. That's why we offer a comprehensive array of general dental services in Reading, PA. Our goal is to provide personalized care that addresses every aspect of your oral health.


Diverse Range of General Dental Services

Our practice is equipped to provide a wide spectrum of dental services to meet the varied needs of our patients. These include:

Oral Cancer Screenings:

Early detection is crucial in combating oral cancer. Our screenings are thorough, ensuring any signs are identified and addressed promptly.

Gum Disease Treatment:

From initial gingivitis to advanced periodontitis, we offer effective treatments for gum diseases, focusing on restoring and maintaining gum health.

Dental Sealants:

A preventive measure especially beneficial for children, dental sealants protect the chewing surfaces of back teeth to prevent decay.

Fluoride Treatments:

We provide professional fluoride treatments for both children and adults to strengthen enamel and help prevent cavities.

Tooth Extractions:

When a tooth cannot be saved, our skilled team performs extractions with an emphasis on patient comfort and ongoing dental health.

Night Guards for Bruxism:

Custom-fitted night guards are provided for patients who grind their teeth during sleep, preventing damage and alleviating symptoms.

Snore Guards:

For patients with snoring issues, we offer snore guards that help improve breathing and provide a better night's sleep.

Our Commitment to Comprehensive Care

We believe in a holistic approach to dental health, addressing immediate concerns while also focusing on preventive care to ensure long-term oral health. Our team stays updated with the latest dental techniques and technologies to offer the best care possible.

Advanced Technology for Superior Care

Embracing the latest in dental technology, we ensure every treatment is as effective, comfortable, and efficient as possible. This includes digital X-rays for detailed imaging and intraoral cameras for precise diagnostics.

Why Reinecker Dental Group for General Dental Services?

  • Our extensive range of services means you can have all your dental needs met in one place.
  • We are dedicated to patient education, helping you understand and choose the best treatments for your oral health.

Ensuring a Comfortable and Stress-Free Experience:

We understand that visiting the dentist can be stressful for some. Our office is designed for patient comfort, and our staff is committed to making your experience as relaxed and anxiety-free as possible.

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